Inktober52 – Week 20: SHIP

Today, Week 21’s prompt should be posted, so I won’t be too far behind with these drawing prompts. I love that ship is this week’s prompt. It seems like Ocean, Sea, and Pirates are a big theme this year. That totally doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with the Johnny Depp stuff or Disney wanting toContinue reading “Inktober52 – Week 20: SHIP”

Josee, the Tiger and the Fish

Referenced straight from Wikipedia: Josee, the Tiger and the Fish (ジョゼと虎と魚たち, Joze to Tora to Sakanatachi) is a 1984 Japanese short story by author Seiko Tanabe. It was first published in the June 1984 issue of Monthly Kadokawa. It was later included alongside various stories in the short story collection Josee, the Tiger and theContinue reading “Josee, the Tiger and the Fish”

Vampire in the Garden

Want 5 episodes of anime that will rip your heart out? Go watch Vampire in the Garden. The storyline is heavy-handed, fast-moving, but fantastic. Vampires versus Warms. Aka Humans. It’s a “modern” day setting, which is really cool. You can find it on Netflix right now. I really like Fine and Momo. There’s not aContinue reading “Vampire in the Garden”

Monster Care Squad

What happens if someone crosses Monster Tamers with Studio Ghiblieque artwork? You’ve got Monster Care Squad. Whimsy. High Fantasy. There’s no HP. You don’t have the threat of dying. Ever wonder what it would be like if a tabletop game was focused on the roleplay instead of all the dice and min-maxing of your characterContinue reading “Monster Care Squad”

Friday the 13th was BSides

My SO was paid/reimbursed to go to an IT security conference. When he attended college, he actually volunteered and staffed the conference. Back before COVID and such. Last two years it was virtual. And this year they had it in person again. It was $25 per person to attend and children were free. We almostContinue reading “Friday the 13th was BSides”