Tom Holland’s Spiderman

♫♪ Spider-Man, Spider-Man,Does whatever a spider canSpins a web, any size,Catches thieves just like fliesLook Out!Here comes the Spider-Man. Is he strong?Listen bud,He’s got radioactive blood.Can he swing from a thread?Take a look overheadHey, thereThere goes the Spider-Man. In the chill of nightAt the scene of a crimeLike a streak of lightHe arrives just inContinue reading “Tom Holland’s Spiderman”

Throwback Thursday – Art Edition

This first piece was some old fanart from back when Caleb, Jonathan, and Adrisaurus did this piece: Some part of me is really lazy. I haven’t been sleeping well, getting up early with the Poogles, and going to bed late to make sure they don’t have accidents in the middle of the night. Then weContinue reading “Throwback Thursday – Art Edition”

Japanese Home Cooking

I found this cookbook on Overdrive/Libby through my local Library’s online checkout system and I absolutely love it. I’m biased and have an obsession with cookbooks. I know you can find recipes online, but there’s something nice about being able to just look at the recipe and skip over the talking part. Every cooking blogContinue reading “Japanese Home Cooking”

International No Diet Day

My SO won’t be breaking his diet today, because he’s been doing so well with Keto. 20 pounds down! I’m so proud of him. I’ll probably try to make something for him today. Something that actually fits his diet. I’m not doing great on my diet, sadly. But it’s International No Diet Day! So let’sContinue reading “International No Diet Day”