20 Years Later

Blurred the name of my High School and the Reunion location, but it’s finally been 20 years since I graduated high school. It’s not as impressive as you’d think. I don’t remember most of the people from the yearbook. I’m actually not even sure where my yearbook is. I had to look at one online from the year before my senior year. I’ll probably look for my yearbook while I’m cleaning out the storage unit.

No reunion had been planned yet, but I started shaking the Facebook group and a small band of us got together to actually plan it. The local girls were able to do more than me since I’m a state away, but it’s nice to know that it’s actually in the works now. A lot of the people I’d actually want to see probably won’t be going due to distance and time commitments, which is a bit sad.

I don’t really remember most of my high school years. I don’t know if that’s the trauma I experienced. I was raped my senior year and my parents also divorced and had a messy split that year. Or a lot of the bad experiences in my younger adult years. I’ve also had two major concussions as an adult. Haha, so there are a lot of factors. I think it was a bit upsetting the first time I realized that other people clearly remember their childhoods.

It’s going to cost $2k for the space we are using for the Reunion, which is pretty on par for the type of place we are using. A brewery. We will be having our school colors as decoration and I think we might be having music from that era played? It’s a bit sad, but we’re winging it on throwing this together. It’s hard enough getting enough people to buy tickets. I didn’t attend the 10-year Reunion. What do you usually do at a Reunion?

I suggested that we vote on Class Superlatives like in the yearbook: Friendliest, Best All-Around, Funniest, Biggest Flirt, Most Likely to Succeed, Most Spirited, Most Athletic, Most Opinionated, Most Intelligent, and Best Looking. We’re also planning a raffle, but we don’t have items for it yet. Which personally sounds like one of the biggest parts. Not being local makes it harder to try and find things for the raffle. Maybe some things that even out-of-towners could use…

Sometimes mentally, I feel like I’m still a kid. Yet I know things have changed since I’m always wincing when I see “teenagers” around me. I can’t actually find ANY good photographs of me from High School or College so I suppose I won’t share those. Haha, maybe that’s just my luck. But have any of you experienced your 10-year or 20-year High School reunion? Tips? Favorite experiences. Let me know in the comments.

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