Revenge of the 5th

Another Star Wars Day? Not officially, but here’s some info about the day.

“Peace is a lie. There is only Passion.

Through Passion, I gain Strength.

Through Strength, I gain Power.

Through Power, I gain Victory.

Through Victory my chains are Broken.

The Force shall free me.”

The Code of the Sith

As obsessed with Star Wars as I am, I can’t find myself planning a vacation to Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. I’m honestly not a huge fan of crowds and the last time I went to Disney was Magic Kingdom back in 2014. It was extremely overwhelming as far as crowds go and exhausting since we spent a long day there to get our money’s worth out of the one day we went.

I’ve started trying to window show for ticket prices since my step-daughter is starting to get to be the age where she can enjoy Disney. Her mom had talked non-stop about her Disney experience so she has high expectations. Her mom went during high school. Stayed in one of the Animal Kingdom hotels facing the Savanna (wake up and you can see the animals).

Price checking that one was a giant OOF. I know you can get some package deals for staying at the Disney Hotels as well as the park tickets. Yet I can’t imagine the discount being all -that- much. And personally, I’m going to want to enjoy my hotel just a TINY bit. That’s why I honestly would lean towards a Disney Cruise at some point. Or perhaps even just a Carnival Cruise. Though my motion sickness might make that an interesting experience. (From what I remember in High School when we had a cruise, it made me sick, but I stubbornly wouldn’t take medicine for it.)

My stepdaughter did express interest in Harry Potter World and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. So looking at the Star Wars Starcruiser Hotel was something I decided to go ahead and research. For interest and planning purposes. Every time I start to think about a vacation, the planning part always makes me just want to stay at home. Haha. The price tag for just the 2-night stay aboard the Starcruiser made my stomach do flip-flops.

As exciting as this sounds, I’m not sure my current wallet could handle this sort of voyage. I can’t even imagine doing this for something like my honeymoon. Plus I would never go on this kind of vacation without my stepdaughter.

For your 2-night stay, you can expect to go on this sort of adventure:

And just remember, this is just for staying at the Starcruiser Hotel. This doesn’t even include going to the actual Galaxy’s Edge Park. I suppose that would be a great way to end the stay. I just can’t see myself spending $5k then more money afterward for the parks and a different hotel. Staying at Disney Resort Hotels does have its perks, I do acknowledge that. I stayed at an offsite hotel the few days we were in Kissimmee (where the Disney Parks are) and you’re still looking at a $300/night price tag.

This most definitely would be a Star Wars fan’s dream vacation. I just don’t know if I could justify the price tag. Does anyone know some tips for saving money when going to Disney? Besides getting discounted tickets by listening to a timeshare pitch? (Don’t laugh, my ex-husband made did that for our trip to get us cheaper tickets. It was exhausting.) Let me know in the comments!

Happy Revenge of the Fifth! And Cinco de Mayo! Or the Battle of Puebla Day. Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day, a popular misconception. Instead, it commemorates a single battle where the Mexican army triumphed over France. In the United States, Cinco de Mayo is widely interpreted as a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage, particularly in areas with substantial Mexican-American populations.  (Okay, it’s really just an excuse for Americans to eat at Mexican restaurants and drink beer. *SIGH*)

As always, thank you for stopping by and reading my post.

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