Japanese Home Cooking

I found this cookbook on Overdrive/Libby through my local Library’s online checkout system and I absolutely love it. I’m biased and have an obsession with cookbooks. I know you can find recipes online, but there’s something nice about being able to just look at the recipe and skip over the talking part. Every cooking blog that I read online has to tell you SO much about something before the recipe. It seems to be a requirement for a cooking blog. (Says the biggest rambler and ranter in the Universe.)

I have a decent amount of cookbooks, which are sadly in storage right now… which I need to be cleaning out SOON~!

When I am in a better position, I will absolutely be buying this cookbook: https://www.amazon.com/Japanese-Home-Cooking-Authentic-Flavors/dp/161180616X

As an American with a love for Japanese food, I really honestly don’t know enough about Japanese Cuisine. So this sort of cookbook has been really helpful and insightful on what I don’t have a clue about due to cultural differences. I’ve only made Dashi from a powder. And I didn’t know there were SO many different types of seaweed that are edible.

The same goes for my knowledge about rice. I really love rice, but I don’t know nearly enough. I haven’t even taken everything from the book. I’m just showing you guys bits and pieces of the book that I wanted to save for myself. Again, I can’t stress how much I want to buy a copy of this one.

I love MOCHI. I’ve seen so many recipes on how to make it, but this one was really easy to follow. I’m not sure how brave I’ll be to actually try it though.

Okay, in the debate between rice and noodles, I can never decide. I love both of the starches so much. I still remember my one favorite little Thai restaurant in Atlanta called Malaya. The owner engaged in a debate with my ex-husband, my friends, and myself about this. He and I both agreed that both were really good. That ordering a noodle dish and then getting a side dish of rice was an absolute MUST. Of course, having soup was also included.

Just reading this cookbook has made my mouth water. And it’s sad because I ate dinner right before I started working on this post. So I’ll have to just grin and bear it for now. I took a lot of shots of this book, but I’m not going to continue to spam you guys with all the screenshots. Just know that it covers so much more.

If I kept going, you’d be reading an entire book … for ages. So I won’t be doing that to you guys, but just know that I would absolutely love to sit and read cookbooks with someone. It’s one of my favorite past times. Do any of you have a weird hobby that’s weird even in your own genre of the hobby? I’m also the weirdo that sits and peruses the Realtor.com website looking at houses and mentally planning how I’d decorate each one. House porn! Anywho, if you made it this far in the post, thanks for sticking around!

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