Unhappy Monkey

A tiny bit of throwback. I found some of my old art on Tumblr. I moved away from hosting my website on Tumblr due to the strict rules they started enforcing over there. Any art that might be considered lewd would get flagged and could get you banned. So actual porn artists moved away from the medium. And people like myself with casually “lewd” art did as well. I.E. If my drawing counted as risque, it got flagged. And it was WILD what Tumblr flagged.

Way, way, back in the day. When Fish in Bowl was the website I was hosting, the idea of daily webcomics was ripe in my mind. I loved to read: “The Devil’s Panties” by Jennie Breeden, “Roomies” by David Willis (It’s Walky!, Shortpacked!, Dumbing of Age), “Girls with Slingshots” by Danielle Corsetto, and too many other comics to even list. I read comic books and graphic novels and everything else I could get my hands on. I wanted to draw my own webcomic, but I really just have trouble keeping up with it.

Depression. Attention Issues. Mania. Attention Issues. Lack of inspiration. Or too many ideas.

I’ve always loved drawing tabletop things. And one of the other things that I really enjoyed doing was responsive artwork. I had a buddy back in the day, Dolores, who would sometimes draw a Monkey and I’d draw a little girl named Abby who would react to the monkey. And vice versa. Abby was supposed to be really cute, sweet, and chaotic. And Monkey was … well, a pet monkey. It was hilarious for whatever reason and a bit dark. I found a bunch of the mini-comics on my Tumblr so I thought I’d share them here.

These are the adventures of Unhappy Monkey and Abby:

This definitely isn’t a project that I’ll ever pick back up, but it was nostalgic just looking through each one again. I think it’s pretty decent considering a lot of these were done at the bar while we were hanging out with our friends. They were sloppily sketched in a notebook, then hand-inked and scanned. My proportioning for Abby was definitely off. I didn’t have a concrete style back then either. Still, it was fun and I miss this kind of casual collaborative work.

Thanks for stopping by and reading today! Hope you enjoyed Unhappy Monkey.

Published by Erin Seto

Southern Peach 🍑, in her 30’s - Artist 🎨 + Bibliophile 📚 + Geek 🎮 + Nerd 👓 + Animal-Lover 🐾 + Bipolar Disorder 💢 x Anxiety 😨 x PTSD 💣÷ DBT Therapy ✨ + Mental Health Matters 🧠 = ME 👩🏽

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