Throwback Thursday – Art Edition

Fish in Bowl is me… in case you haven’t read some of my old posts.

This first piece was some old fanart from back when Caleb, Jonathan, and Adrisaurus did this piece:

Some part of me is really lazy. I haven’t been sleeping well, getting up early with the Poogles, and going to bed late to make sure they don’t have accidents in the middle of the night. Then we also had my stepdaughter every day this week. So normally I pick her up midway during the week from school and then we handle to school/pickup. Which is fine, and I’m not complaining. This week, her mom had a baby so we’ve had her while her mom was in the hospital recovering. So on top of baby puppies, we’ve got a jam-packed schedule. Breakfast. Wrangling the puppies. Wrangling the child. Making and packing a lunchbox and water bottle. Driving to the next town over for school. Then turning around and heading back to pick her up with the puppies in tow.

The puppies have really been enjoying the car rides at least. With no A/C in my vehicle, I’ve made sure to bring an ice pack, wrap it in a towel, and set it in their car seat. I also have a small fan that I plug in and turn on while we are sitting in line. (I get there about an hour before car pickup starts to be near the front of the line.) To prevent overheating. I should do that for myself as well. It went from freezing cold to sweltering hot here in the span of a week. Literally. There was hail on the ground during a rainstorm beginning of the week then the 80s two days later. Thank you Spring weather in the South!

So, for more throwback Thursday artwork! The first piece was pretty self-explanatory. I’ll just throw in a few other “fanart” pieces. Markiplier. Markiplier’s Dog Chica. Jacksepticeye.

And just so people don’t think I only do fanart of male celebrities. I also did a sketch of Studio Mucci. She’s pretty much like a living breathing version of Lisa Frank right now.

I included the original photo for reference. So yeah, back in the day … I used to draw fanart a ton. Sadly, these days I haven’t had a ton of motivation. I don’t watch Markiplier or Jacksepticeye that much anymore. My passion for video games has been low. I can’t seem to find anything that sparks my creativity anymore. Looking at old artwork does tend to get me fired up a bit.

Some part of me realizes that I used to be able to make things, so the ability is within me. I just have to find the motivation to do it again. Thanks for checking out my post today! I hope to have some new content soon. I swear. ❤

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