New NEW Hobby?

Fox Pick had a cute mascot…

Fox Pick only has a Twitter account. I think. They were one of the vendors at BSides and I had a ton of fun while I was hanging out downstairs. A long time ago, my ex-husband had bought me some lockpicking sets. I have no idea where those are right now. I’m sure the sets will turn up eventually. I really need to clean my room. *SIGH*

I bought a set of picks and a practice lock. The set was $20 and the practice lock was $10. Considering most of the prices I’ve seen online, I’m glad I didn’t wait until I got home to order a set. I managed to get the lock open pretty quickly at home!

I did horribly at the conference. I just couldn’t really get a hang of it, but it was also very loud and busy there. So I didn’t really have the focus I needed to do it properly there. I was even doing the easier end of locks and just wasn’t feeling anything. Maybe it’s the clear lock that helps?

Elder Scrolls Online lied to me about how easy lockpicking is! I jest. I actually am really bad at lockpicking in ESO too. I break so many picks. Thank goodness they aren’t that easy to break in real life. Of course, the key to this is being gentle… I’m sure forcing things would go very badly.

There were a bunch of games and such at the conference just involving the lockpicking stuff. Things involving handcuffs. Door locks. I want took look more into things because I enjoyed it so much. Of course, I’ll probably practice some more before I commit to anything.

I don’t see any TOOOL groups in TN sadly… So I guess I’ll just have to do what I can on my own. Haha, I know that I just picked up embroidery, but I couldn’t help myself with this one. I’m going to do my best not to go down a rabbit hole with this one. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to succeed, but I’m going to try.

If any of the posts I’ve done lately seem odd… I’m working on building up an excess of posts right now so that when I go away for the karate seminar, I don’t have to try and post from my tablet or cellphone. Thanks for stopping by today!

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