Let’s Eat!

I mentioned in one of my previous posts about one of my favorite Korean Drama series. Let’s Eat. It was so popular it apparently got three seasons. I’ve only been able to find and watch the first two seasons. They used to be on Netflix, but are more difficult to track down now. The Thai version is actually on Netflix right now though and has a lot of the same interesting notes. The food is just as delicious and drool-worthy.

Romance, Comedy, and Thriller are honestly, strangely a combo I don’t normally consider. Rom-Com, yes, but that Thriller mix-in was a strange addition. It fits in rather well for the series though. I suppose due to the name they don’t add it in the genre, but this is a Food centric series. Do NOT watch this while you are hungry. This is one of those series that you’ll want to watch while you are having a meal.

Of course, you might also end up wanting to cook/go out to eat for some of these meals after you watch the series. I found a great blog that had a checklist of all the meals from Season 1. Check out Noonas over Forks for an in-depth review of the series and the food.

I’m drooling right now just looking at everything on that page. So I think I’m going to go make myself something to eat. Thanks for stopping by, guys!

Published by Erin Seto

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