Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar

I had to steal the photo of the location from Google Maps because honestly, I didn’t even think to take a picture of the place while I was there. But afterward, it really hit me just how good the burgers were. I have been CRAVING a badass burger so much since we got home. They don’t have any locations near me otherwise I would totally go again soon.

There’s such an epic menu. I didn’t even try anything too heavy when we went for the first lunch. I got stuffed just on the Philly and the housemade chips! My SO had a salad and it was fantastic. I snuck a bite…

You can get pimento cheese as a dipper along with your homemade potato chips. I think you can get dipping sauce along with your fries and tater tots. Both of which really looked and smelt amazing too. I just really love, LOVE chips. Crisps. Whatever you want to call them. Especially the homemade, thick, and crunchy ones

We ate a late lunch or maybe more like dinner there again after the Sunday seminar portion ended. I tackled the badass burger and boy was it a monster. I had to take it apart just to eat it. I ate the top bun and burger with two of the battered bacon pieces. Along with my chips. I had to save the bottom half of my burger and two more of the buttermilk battered bacon slices for lunch the next day because it was just too much food for me. My SO had a burger as well and was able to have it on a lettuce wrap.

For the price and quality and quantity of food you get here, I had to say that Bad Daddy will be a repeat when we got back to North Carolina next year.

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