Pokémon Go

Okay, I know that I’m so far behind in the trends. Pokémon Go came out in … what? 2016? My phone never really could handle the game. I still remember actually trying it out for a bit when I still worked at the University of Tennessee. My building actually had a gym or Pokéstop that was used quite often. So I honestly just reactivated my account, but I’m a complete and utter newbie to this game.

I started playing Pokémon Go again to motivate myself to walk more. To get out there. Surprisingly, even though this game has been out since 2016, they still haven’t made it possible for you to change the hairstyles very much. The clothing is at least changeable. I’ve done a crazy amount of walking since I downloaded this game a few weeks ago. I need to do more, but the heat has really been preventing me from accomplishing my goals.

Can anyone explain to me Team Mystic, Team Valor, and Team Instinct? I picked the yellow team if you can’t tell by my ridiculous avatar’s attire. I know that there are a ton of Reddit groups available to help with the game, but I’ve really just been stumbling my way through things. I’m a bit stubborn and I take a long way around in learning things.

There are daily tasks you can do and you do things to bond with your Pokémon. Most of the people who apparently used to play currently do not. There’s just no “end game” for them. There’s always more and more added. I can see why that might be daunting for a phone app game. But some part of me thinks that’s good. At least, that means that I’ll be able to keep playing for a while?

Until I don’t. We know how well I stick with things. Only time will tell. Does anyone actually play Pokémon Go? Pointers are welcome. You can add me as a friend. My trainer code is: 5277 2689 9296

If you are interested in trying out the game, my Pokémon Go referral code is: 6HRQJ8CM3

Thanks for stopping in today!

Also, today would have been Kevin Wolf’s birthday. He would have been 40 today…

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