Waterbottles and Stickers

MIL bought my stepdaughter a new water bottle. It was very nice and sturdy and simple. Pretty much like a Hydroflask without the cost. So I went and bought my own. I tend to pick different colors so that we don’t have mix-ups around the house. I also went for the larger size because I can chug more liquid than her. An entire tray of ice cubes can fit in this baby!

I don’t like bottles with straws because I have attention issues and straws tend to get gross. And I chew on things. So, I picked the screw on lid. I can say from experience that my stepdaughter has dropped hers CONSTANTLY and there are only a few small dents in the bottle. I finally bought her a carabiner to attach to her book bag. (Somehow she still never has her hands full even with that solution.)

After she came home with the water bottle covered in book fair stickers, I knew we needed to step in and save her poor bottle. (In case some of you are confused, plain stickers will wash off a water bottle after a few washes. Good for when your child slaps them on anything and everything, bad if you actually want them to stay.) I hopped on Amazon and found a few really amazing packs of stickers.

These Poodle stickers look like our Poogles. And these cute ones for Girls/Teens.

It’s crazy, I looked up tips for applying these waterproof stickers to make sure they can last and I’ll admit that some of the methods are intense. “Spray adhesive on the bottle AND sticker then apply and wipe off excess?” Or “spray bottle with a sealant”. We didn’t go with either of these methods. I opted to just wash the bottles with some hot soapy water, then dry them. THEN wipe down the bottle with an alcohol prep wipe.

I tried to make sure my stepdaughter didn’t overlap any of her stickers because that gives them a chance to get moisture underneath and then they’ll start to peel. Sadly, a few of hers did end up overlapping, but I don’t think it’ll be too detrimental to their sticking integrity. We had WAY more stickers than our bottles could handle, but I’m due for a tablet upgrade soon. So I may wait until I get a new tablet and case to apply some of the stickers. (I have a mixture of sunflower and lemon/lemonade stickers that I’d like to put on the new case.) I’m pretty sure I also have a bunch of tarot card stickers floating around here somewhere. I just couldn’t bring myself to stick them on anything before.

Of course. I did make it about halfway through this post before I had a giant. OH MY GOD. DERP. Moment. I have my Pelican cases for my camera and video recorder. I immediately rushed to grab those and wipe them down as well. The small Pelican case almost had no room. And I will warn you. You CAN rip these stickers. I tore one in my excitement. I added the golden wave and the pinky promise stickers to the smaller case. (Can you see the spot where I tore the wave in half?)

Previous Stickers: The Surfer sticker was from the tarot pack. The Fox Pick is from BSides when I got the lockpick set. And the Red Dragon sticker is from when I bought my mechanical keyboard. The Aurora Yoga was one my sister sent me. And the Flight stickers are from when I bought my Ukulele.

My larger Pelican case only had one sticker on it previously. It is a black one that said “I’m the Princess you came to rescue. Now make yourself useful and get rid of the bodies.” From Jay the Barbarian. I think the ones I added make it a bit more colorful. We’ll see how well they last on this rugged case. I don’t get to travel around and do photography as much as I’d like to. Maybe in the future, I can do some more.

Now back to the bottles. Since I went off on a complete tangent.

I was very tame with my own stickers. I didn’t want to chance to have any overlap. As you can see with my stepdaughter’s bottle. She did pretty well for a 10-going-on-11-year-old. I’m going to add a name tag to mine and possibly my stepdaughter’s since she lost her last bottle. (She left it while she was out of town, so I doubt even with a nametag we’d have gotten it back.) But if she loses it at school, at least there’s a chance it’ll come back to her.

Do you like water bottles? Or stickers? I was sort of a dork and had to Google some of the things that game in the sticker pack. Like the Sofa. So Good. And Sksksk … because I’m not hip. I really do love these bottles though. The other night I filled my entire bottle (40 oz) with ice cubes then water and sipped on it through the night. The next day when I went to refill my water, I still had a ton of ice left in it because it insulated so well.

If you end up getting one of these, let me know. And thanks again for stopping by and reading my posts!

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