Inktober 52 Week 2: DECAY

Was a bit torn when I first started thinking about this one. I have the Tangled Series stuck in my head, but I decided against anything specifically Disney-related for the Inktober 52 stuff.

Wither and decay
End this destiny
Break these earthly chains
And set the spirit free
Take what has been hurt (ah, ah, ah, ah)
Grant them no mercy (ah, ah, ah, ah)
Bend and break the reigns
And set the spirit free
The spirit free

I ended up deciding to sketch a skull after reading some poems based on a poem. Sonnet 71 by William Shakespear. So it might be a little bit contrite or too on the nose? Still trying to get into the mindset for these sketching challenges. Skulls were the only thing I could think of drawing. I even made two!

If you have a bone to pick with me about my art… puns. Haha. I hope next week’s drawing prompt goes better for me. I’m trying not to judge my artwork too hard. Thanks for checking it out.

Keto? Chaffles to the Rescue

My family, except myself and my stepdaughter, are eating keto. I’m doing caloric restrictions via fasting. I’m almost back to my pre-COVID weight~! One of the things we’ve been working on is finding keto-friendly foods to replace some of the things everyone is craving. Keto food is pretty decent for me as well, because I try to eat fewer carbs due to my Diabetes.

Chaffles are apparently a great bread substitute. And I have to agree. The first chaffle I tried, my MIL made the other night and used my waffle iron to do it. Today, I took the reigns on making the chaffles. We used the round iron cooker so I decided to try MIL’s first recipe along with a new one. The first recipe had a ton of cheese in it, which makes it crunchy. Which MIL loves. The second recipe was just egg whites and almond meal and etc.


  • 1 Cup Mozarella Cheese
  • 2 Tablespoons Almond Flour
  • 1 Egg White (2 Tablespoons Egg Whites)
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Xanthan Gum

Make sure to mix the xanthan gum with the almond flour before you add the other ingredients. The batter will be very thick. Make sure it gets all mixed together. This recipe is really nice because the chaffles get very crispy and crunchy from the cheese cooking.

This next recipe was my SO’s favorite and I actually really liked it as well. I think it would taste good as a sweet chaffle, just maybe substitute the garlic salt for some kind of sugar substitute. It turns out very fluffy and soft and has a wonderful feeling in your mouth. Unlike some keto food that feel like sand grinding against your teeth.


  • 2 Large Egg Whites (4 Tablespoons Egg White)
  • 2 Teaspoons Water
  • 2 Tablespoons Softened Cream Cheese
  • 4 Tablespoons Almond Flour
  • 1/3 Teaspoon Baking Powder
  • Pinch Garlic Salt

Make sure the chaffle batter is smooth. The cream cheese won’t mix well unless it’s softened. Don’t cause lumps in your mixture. You can fill the waffle iron full and make these plump buns for a sandwich, or thin and use them for a pizza crust. Cook for about 5-6 minutes.

Thin Chaffles versus Thick Chaffles. Better Chaffles versus Thin Chaffles versus Chick Chaffles. And a Sausage, poached egg, and cheese sandwich. My SO said the Chaffle was very heavy so it filled him up quickly.

Later in the evening, we used the chaffles to make little mini pizza’s. The first one was the egg white only recipe. The second one was the cheese chaffle. A little pizza sauce, cheese, and mini pepperoni’s make an AMAZING little pizza.

What do you think of chaffles? I think I used the word chaffle a million times. Chaffle, chaffle, chaffle. Anywho, how is your new year going? Diets and resolutions abound!

Got the Blues

Bernat blanket yarn: ocean shades

I decided to tackle my first large project. I have started a blanket! Not a huge one. Just large enough to cover someone. Basic single stitch. Because weird stitches makes me forget what I was doing. I have a bag project I half finished because of that.

I love how fluffy the yarn is. I will post progress as I get more done. Day 3 of martial arts this week has kicked my butt. Going to take it easy tonight. ❤

You Spin Me Round Right Round

Excuse the blur. It was still moving a bit. My stepdaughter got a subscription for a Christmas present. One of those STEM things? Last month’s project was this paint spinner. This month’s hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s like a bubble lamp/lava lamp type thing. SO today was all about assembling this thing.

You use the box that the project comes in to be the pain spinner. There’s a bunch of instructions and the kids are supposed to be able to assemble this by themselves, but I was there to assist and help.

So … many pieces. Urgh. She had fun at least?

In the end it turned out pretty good, but I was nervous. We put some paper down in case the box did not work to protect from the dripping paint. She did the motor, the wires, and the bits and pieces that connect the battery. It was interesting to learn a bit about this myself.

Sorry for the shortness of the post, been working out all week and totally exhausted.

Blue Period – Art Anime

I binge watched all 12 episodes of Blue Period in one night. You can find it on Netflix right now and I actually plan to let my stepdaughter watch it. Since she’s been interested in art. She’s gone to art camp in the past. And sadly, they don’t seem to touch on art as much as they should at school. They don’t really “study” art in art class as much as I feel like they make craft items.

As a former art student, I feel like this series is a really great one exploring the growth of a young artist that had no experience before the story line starts. Art school in Japan seems a lot more difficult that what I’ve experienced over here in the USA. *cough* I never finished my art degree due to depression, but we’re allowed to sign up for large student loans at 17/18.

Just to say how much I enjoyed this series… I took notes!

Good Artistic Compositions

  1. Main Flow – Visual Flow
  2. Fits the Theme
  3. Makes the Viewer Focus on Key Elements
  4. Makes the Viewer Look at Every Corner

My favorite quote from the series, “Great artwork makes it look like the artist drew what they sat, but the pieces are meticulously calculated.” It’s paraphrased, but that’s the basic gist of things. It’s made me really crave some painting. That and art Tik Tok. I need to find some watercolor paper and try out some of the paints my sister gave me for Christmas.

Finding a good subject to paint or draw is hard. Any suggestions?

Charcuterie Board

So I made a board for part of our Christmas meal while we were at the Georgia cabin. My niece that works at Trader Joe’s gave her mom a charcuterie board as a present. I absolutely love the board, but they seem to sell out really fast. (Example)

I need to do a tutorial on the pepperoni flower at some point. It’s super easy to do and really raises your Charcuterie board to the next level. I actually need to figure out how lay out a keto friendly board. The family is going all keto right now except me. I’m happily close to being back to my pre-COVID weight just through cutting back on calories and eating more reasonably.

I’ve got stuff in the freezer for some protein shakes too. Since feeling hungry is a huge part of my issue. I talked a bit about my eating issues with my therapist. He was open about not having experience with “eating disorders” which really shook up my brain. It’s hard to … call my issues an eating disorder. Being fat and having an eating disorder is not really something people accept. People with eating disorders are usually super skinny and etc. But that’s something I just won’t go further into today.

I got my nieces and sister some bamboo cutting boards to do charcuterie on. My SO actually prefers when I just make one on a serving tray because he likes how clean and easy to move around it is. Don’t people usually call charcuterie boards adult Lunchables?

Once I get a keto friendly idea down, I’ll do another post. I’m thinking cucumbers, celery, and other vegetables to substitute for crackers? There’s keto friendly bread? Or I could make some almond meal bread? Or maybe some fathead keto dough? I never do well on keto diets so this is all really hard for me, but I’m hoping this will be the thing that helps my SO.

Any advice is welcome! Thanks for reading, guys.

Realistic Resolutions

I took the owl doodles and threw them into my “resolution” list. I wasn’t planning to make a list, but during my therapy session, my therapist urged me to at least pick a few things to work towards this year. After a bit of contemplation, I think the above is a decent amount of goals to strive towards this year.

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Spiritual

Physically: I’d like to work on my health. My In laws are trying some diets for their own health care, but I’ve come to recognize that diets tend to set me off pretty badly. I get hangry when I’m hungry and when I end up falling off the wagon, breaking a diet tends to make me want to purge. More mindful eating. Better choices. Being more active.

SO and I are green belts now, so we’re going to focus on Uechi Ryu harder. And I’m jumping into Isshin Ryu as an actual student now. Instead of just observing my SO and his Sensei practicing. I’d like to get back into walking again and doing some weight lifting. I’m not getting any younger so I need to take care of myself. I’d like to try to do some yoga for my flexibility. Plus my stepdaughter expressed interest so it’s something we could try together.

Mentally and Spiritually: I’d like to do more art for myself. And writing some more. Writing for the blog. Writing letters to the important people in my life. Work more on DBT and other mental health care practices. Mental self-care.

Things I need to keep in mind for this year? Not being so hard on myself for a lot of aspects. And just because I don’t 100% keep up with a goal doesn’t mean it’s over or that I’ve failed. Anyone else got some resolutions for 2022?

Inktober 52 – Week 1: WILD

While I did say I was going to do it by hand I ended up not being satisfied. I didn’t want not complete the prompt so I ended up working it over on the tablet some. I think I like the Inktober idea. I hope some of the other prompts gets me more inspired. I just didn’t think of much beyond the wilderness of the Appalachian mountains in Tennessee. I know the mountains are only on the east side.

Here is the hand drawing I did.

1 week down. 51 more to go.

Demon Slayer Fanart

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Entertainment District Arc) had a great episode today that just stole my attention. The Mugen Train Arc left me heartbroken, but this arc has me really excited. We finally get to see Nezuko Kamado, the deuteragonist and main female character of the series, grow into her abilities. She finally got a “grown-up” form! After seeing her switch between her “normal” form and the childish form, this is really cool.

Drawing isn’t perfect, but I’m trying to be gentle with myself. I just sketched this up from watching the show today. I see a lot of women doing this form as a cosplay now. Anime Conventions are a thing again, right? I guess I haven’t worked or attended one in a while even before COVID-19. Still struggling mentally, but just keeping at it slow and steady! See you guys tomorrow.