Hoop There It Is…

I was looking at more Embroidery books in the digital library and came across this. It has some embroidery projects, but I was amused by the different ideas you can do with hoops. I don’t know if I’ll actually make any of these, but it really inspired me. I’d probably love to try and make a few. I’m still working on getting supplies together to start this new hobby of mine.

Look at how many cute different projects they have in this book! There were a ton more that I didn’t even share, but these were the ones that stood out to me. That’s probably only about a third of the book’s contents. They also had a ton of different ways to decorate the hoops themselves.

I sense a lot of arts and crafts in my future. I might have to see if the Dollar Tree carries any of the supplies I need to do this stuff. So I can experiment. Which one of these Embroidery Hoop projects looks the most fun to you? Or would you want to draw something of your own? That’s something I suppose I should consider too. My own art on fabrics I have in hoops.

If I figure something out, I’ll definitely post what I make! Thanks for stopping in today, guys!

Mille and Jet Update

Puppies typically do not leave their mothers before 8 weeks old. We got Mildred and Bridget under special circumstances. I honestly believe if they hadn’t stayed here with us they would have gotten adopted out. The rest of the litter was given away the very next day. I will admit… I’m frazzled. I have NOT had puppies since I was younger.

My mom and my dad bore the brunt of care for our Dalmation, Gretchen when I was growing up. And in high school, my parents also raised our Chocolate Lab, Sadie Sue. All of the pets throughout my adult life have come to me as grown animals. Mango the Cockatiel. Velveteen the Bunny. Jethro the Husbunny. What am I trying to say?

Puppies are EXHAUSTING. Oh my gosh. So exhausting. There’s been a few days where I’ve just found myself crying. You have to take the puppies out to potty every half hour, every hour. They still have accidents even after peeing outside RIGHT BEFORE. They’re little divas that have peed 5 feet from the front door because they saw it was raining outside the window. There have been multiple occasions where Millie has peed as I was putting her leash on her to go outside as well.

We can’t let them run around outside without a leash anymore. They’ve almost run out into the street. They run far too fast for us to catch too. They’re starting to recognize their names at least. They’re basically learning to sit. But they’re so excited sometimes, that it’s hard for them to do anything besides jump on you. I’ve had to bathe them twice. I’m avoiding doing it too often because we don’t want their skin to get too irritated.

Basic schedule. Wake up anywhere from 5am to 6am. First-morning pee and poop. A little bit of water, but not always a meal. Since we don’t want to encourage them to cry earlier and earlier to wake up. Then it’s a cycle of taking them out to answer nature’s call. Puppies napping. Rinse, repeat. Then on days that I have to pick up my stepdaughter (I am counting down until the last day of school! Dear God, soon!!!), the puppies accompany me. Sometimes they cry, but usually, they settle down into a pleasant nap in the car.

There are a few bathroom breaks and walks while we wait for the car pickup line to start at school. Then we go home and repeat the morning routine. With my stepdaughter playing with the puppies. She’s been less enthused with them lately. Probably because she gets tired of taking them outside to potty. Also cleaning up accidents. LOL, the responsibility parts of things aren’t as much fun for children, I guess.

Millie has most of the accidents. Though Jet has had one or two as well. It happens less when we keep on top of things. I still don’t trust Millie to walk through the house right after she’s woken up from a nap though. No reason to give her a chance to have an accident. Jet has been my nap buddy so far. Two or three times, I’ve gotten so exhausted I take her back to my room and lay down. The first time I was worried I would roll over on her, but I seem to unconsciously know she was there. She curls up on my chest or against my arm/neck.

Spending quality bonding time with Jet has reminded me how much I miss Velveteen. I’ve cried a few times thinking about her. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had a pet as close and important to me as her. Jet will never replace Velveteen in my heart, but I hope she’ll be able to help it start to mend. I still miss her so much. My sweet bunny girl. 💔

Can You Fix It?

I was excited for this one, but the format was hard to read. The online reader didn’t allow me to change the font size. I think it’s a matter of how the book was scanned because the text still overlapped and ran together with no matter how much I scaled things up or down. A bit of a pity, but I was hoping the images would help enough that I wouldn’t need the written info that was hard to read.

My SO has a shirt he loves that has HUGE holes in it. He wants to wear it because it’s comfortable so I’m going to try and mend it. But see? Some of the text just ran together and it didn’t matter if you zoomed out the images because it seems like that was how the image was captured. A little frustrating.

At least it gives you a good illustration of the mending techniques. That was helpful. It would be nice to fix things instead of just tossing them. It’s easier to toss them, but the waste and cost of buying new are just frustrating.

Sorry for such a short post, but we’ve been doing 4H stuff this week and my brain has MELTED. See you tomorrow!

Intro to Embroidery

I found this book at the library and that ignited a desire to try some embroidery work. Which is great, because, in my ignorant little head, I had always called this cross-stitching. That’s just a type of stitch in embroidering. I feel so dumb! I’m going to filter through the book and snap photographs of my favorite ideas. But I honestly think I want to buy this book because it’s really helpful. I’ve added a whole bunch of books by this writer to my Amazon list.

I’ve also looked at a really cook magazine that was part of the online Libby Library that seems really helpful. It’s really helpful how there’s always something online these days that can help you learn how to do something or at the very least, walk you through the steps of accomplishing it.

There really are over 200 stitches inside the magazine. I loved it and had to screenshot all the different types so that I can reference the images in case I want to use any of them. I didn’t screenshot each individual stitch because that would have taken FOREVER.

They’re so pretty, each stitch is like a little badge!

There was also another book that was very helpful. I like how they illustrated it. And the instructions are very clear.

As you can see, the basic idea is pretty easy. And the instructions are fairly clear in this book.

Honestly, I was even more impressed with the illustrations. Sometimes you can take pictures or watch videos of it on Youtube, but the instructions aren’t always clear. This is why it took me so long to learn to crochet. I didn’t get the basic idea down correctly until one day one of the videos made it clear. The drawings are simple yet concise. Now I want to rush out to the store and buy all the supplies I need!

The saddest part of all of this is, that I was just looking at some basic sewing books at the library in hopes of learning how to sew a patch onto my karate gi. Now I’m lost chasing after a new obsession. And I still haven’t gotten the school patch placed onto my gi. I really need to figure out how to do that before the seminar that’s happening in June.

Anywho, thanks for stopping by today and checking out my little blurp of insanity.

Things TikTok Taught Me About Myself

Honestly, I’m not sure why this quote page listed Adam Savage as the reference for this quote. “Jack of all Trades, Master of None, though ofttimes better than a Master of One.” It’s a very old quote that in more modern terms is used in a derogatory way. Which seems silly. Do you want a Swiss Army knife with lots of tools? Do you want one very specific tool? That really depends on the situation, right?

Let’s be honest, this really came about because I’m going to be picking up a new hobby soon. I have a few hobbies… Probably way more than I should, but let’s be honest. I do try to get myself to circle back around to my different interests. Knitting, crocheting, LEGOs, miniature construction, drawing, coloring, playing musical instruments, and so much more…

Heck, if you head over to my Facebook Profile, you’ll see the insanity that is my “About” section. Because you’re allowed to list your hobbies. And they give you a list you can just check off whatever you want… Have I done it in the past? ✔️ Do I obsess over it? ✔️ Pretty shiny got my attention? ✔️ I haven’t been diagnosed with ADHD because a lot of Psychiatrists don’t believe in diagnosing it. That you only want the diagnoses for drugs… that someone with Bipolar is likely just mistaking their Manic phase as ADHD symptoms. But whatever? I guess.

I started to look into a new hobby I want to pick up and then I remembered a song off TikTok. Not so much a song… as something a TikTok creator made:


Being called a “Jack of all trades” is more a hint at an invervention than a compliment at this point. #comedy #humor #adhd #adhdtiktok

♬ original sound – Brave Dave

I follow Brave Dave on TikTok and a ton of his posts really hit home for me. Haha. I feel like I should just be tagged in most of them. But following this mindset for ADHD brains and hobbies… here are a few more videos that really are just spot on.


Every time I start a new hobby I think it’ll make me money and it’ll be my new career .. am I okay? #hyperfixated #adhdmanyhobbies #adhd #fyp #viral

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Let’s be honest. I looked through a bunch of these ADHD hobby TikToks then I got distracted and fell down a rabbit hole. Johnny Depp videos. Organization and restocking videos… then the puppies made a jailbreak and somehow escaped their pen. They’ve learned to lift the gate if you don’t LOCK IT. Wow. Just wow. 8 almost 9 weeks old and these little fluff balls are giving me a run for my money.

But yeah, does anyone else have the habit of getting SUPER invested in a new hobby, doing all the research to fully learn and commit to the said hobby, doing that hobby hardcore… then moving on to another hobby? As I said earlier, I definitely do circle back and revisit past hobbies, but there are times that some things just hold no joy for me anymore. Maybe that’s my Bipolar and Depression talking. But there are a ton of times when I can’t even read my favorite book.

I’ve found it does help sometimes to download the Audiobook version of my favorite books, then sit and READ the book with the Audiobook in the background. I.E. I read along with the recording. That somehow allows my poor fried brain to process things better and I don’t feel quite as distracted as I do when reading alone or just listening alone.

I’d love to hear if anyone else has the same problems. Let me know in the comments!

Tom Holland’s Spiderman

♫♪ Spider-Man, Spider-Man,
Does whatever a spider can
Spins a web, any size,
Catches thieves just like flies
Look Out!
Here comes the Spider-Man.

Is he strong?
Listen bud,
He’s got radioactive blood.
Can he swing from a thread?
Take a look overhead
Hey, there
There goes the Spider-Man.

In the chill of night
At the scene of a crime
Like a streak of light
He arrives just in time.

Spider-Man, Spider-Man
Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man
Wealth and fame
He’s ignored
Action is his reward.

To him, life is a great big bang-up
Wherever there’s a hangup
You’ll find the Spider-Man. ♪♫

Spiderman has always been one of my favorite Marvel superheroes. Whenever there would be crossovers of Spiderman with the X-Men in cartoons, I’d be so excited. Two of my favorite Marvel series crossing over? That was childhood bliss! I don’t know if I still have any of the older Spiderman comic books, but I did love reading them.

Now I’m a huge fan of Spiderman and Deadpool crossovers. And can I just say… I wish that Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool and Tom Holland’s Spiderman would have a movie together. That would be amazing and mind-blowing. Just saying.

Now I have to admit something. I have not seen any of Tom Holland’s Spiderman movies. I’ve only seen him in Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity Wars, and Avengers: Endgame. His version of Spiderman has been one of my favorites. And everyone has been talking recently about the latest Spiderman movie: No Way Home. I loved the Doctor Strange movie, so any chance to see Benedict Cumberbatch is a plus. And no, I have not seen the new Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

I have a tendency not to do something when it’s first out unless I’m really, really impatient or SUPER hyped. I don’t like letting the mob mentality ruin things for me. Sometimes, I’ve found movies that others HATED to be real gems. I am also one of the weirdos that just really never got into Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead. I’ve SEEN them, but I just never got fully invested in them. And the stories of both are absolutely up my alley. They check all my interest boxes.

But maybe it’s just the “YOU HAVE TO SEEN THE LATEST EPISODE” mentality that just turns me off? I don’t know.

For now, I’m tackling something that actually DOES perk my interests. I’m going to tackle Tom Holland’s Spiderman trilogy. I’m ready for the emotional whiplash since Iron Man/Robert Downey Jr. is still alive in the first movie. I heard that in No Way Home you get to see a lot of the actors/characters from other Spiderman movies, so that’s a secondary reason I want to tackle this series.

Does anyone have a favorite Spiderman? Or do you like to binge-watch movies/series the way I’m about to? What was your favorite binge-watch? Thanks for stopping by, guys. I’m going to go pop some popcorn and get this marathon going! Hopefully, my brain won’t be mush tomorrow.

It’s been 20 YEARS since this iconic scene… Oh gosh.

This Letter Is To You:

A version of this came across my Facebook feed and it hit a note inside of me that really needed to read it. I wanted to reference the right source when I shared it, and TinyBuddha.com was the first website that popped up for the quote. Quite honestly, the website is amazing. I got caught up reading a ton of stuff there. I’ve never fully converted to being Buddhist, but there’s a lot of wisdom in Buddhism.

Check out the website for some great mental health resources.

I loved that article so much. Self-Care is really important and sometimes you just don’t really even consider putting it into those two categories. It’s a really good read. Honestly, I wish I was a better writer. I wish I could piece together my thoughts enough to write blog posts like that each day. Or even one that is good once a week. Some part of me is thinking of cutting down how many times I make a blog post.

Right now, I’m trying extremely hard to write every day. Just to prove to myself that I can do it. It’s not always the best material, but it’s still something that I can accomplish. Including this post, I should have 320 posts down. 45 more days until it’s been a full year of doing this! Maybe after I’ve done it every day for a year, I’ll be satisfied enough to start doing it once a week. Or maybe not?

I’ve definitely enjoyed being able to do this each day. Some days I can write more than others and I can prepare a post for a day I’m not mentally stable enough to do it. It’s sort of nice having this kind of cope ahead. I’m actually subscribed to The Might’s mental health mailing list, so I’ve gotten some really nice articles about mental health this month. The one below has a great music list:

As we proceed through Mental Health Awareness Month, I’m trying to be aware of my own mental health and how it reacts to others as well as how it affects others. I have a lot of things going on right now, but I’m trying to not add any burden to others. While still reminding myself that I am NOT a burden.

Just remember the letter at the top of the post. “You can do it.” Thanks for stopping by today, guys!

Summer Refresher!

There are a lot of things that make me think of Summertime with drinks. Sun brewed ice tea. Lemonade. Arnold Palmer. Last year there was some kind of trend where there was a lemonade made mixed with something creamy. Which is always delicious! But since it’s been getting hotter and hotter here, I was trying to think of something nice that wasn’t plain black tea or plain lemonade.

When an Arnold Palmer is at that point when the sweet tea and lemonade haven’t mixed yet…

For our lemonade, I always make a huge pitcher batch with 1 3/4 cups of Ideal Sugar (it’s only $5 at Food City, not $11 like Amazon), 2 cups lemon juice, and then the rest of the pitcher is filled up with filtered water. I dissolve the sugar in some warm water before adding the lemon juice just so it doesn’t have a grainy texture and waste the sugar.

For the Hibiscus tea, I usually use loose tea leaves to make my tea, but you can find teabags. Make the tea according to the directions. (For loose tea, I do a spoonful for every cup of tea I want to be made. I like mine a bit stronger.) Sweeten to taste.

Mix the Hibiscus Tea and Lemonade to taste. For one version, I went a little lighter on the Hibiscus Tea and went heavier Lemonade, then I added a little bit of lime zest to the drink. I also put Boba Pearls in the drink, but it was so cloudy you couldn’t even see the white tapioca balls. Maybe the black sugar ones would be better? I need to pick some up next time I go into town.

The Boba version was a very rosy pink color. Just a hint of the Hibiscus flavor. The lychee Boba pearls were very tasty though. And the lime zest gave it an interesting umf. For my next glass, I just went classic Arnold Palmer, doing half Hibiscus Tea and half Lemonade. It was a much deeper color this time and I had to stop myself from guzzling the whole mason jar down.

I really enjoyed this one. I’ll have to work on some more Summertime drinks as the season goes on. Thanks for stopping by today! We’ve got a lot of fun things happening this week/month. I’ll hopefully be able to post about them once they happen. See you guys tomorrow!

Throwback Thursday – Art Edition

Fish in Bowl is me… in case you haven’t read some of my old posts.

This first piece was some old fanart from back when Caleb, Jonathan, and Adrisaurus did this piece:

Some part of me is really lazy. I haven’t been sleeping well, getting up early with the Poogles, and going to bed late to make sure they don’t have accidents in the middle of the night. Then we also had my stepdaughter every day this week. So normally I pick her up midway during the week from school and then we handle to school/pickup. Which is fine, and I’m not complaining. This week, her mom had a baby so we’ve had her while her mom was in the hospital recovering. So on top of baby puppies, we’ve got a jam-packed schedule. Breakfast. Wrangling the puppies. Wrangling the child. Making and packing a lunchbox and water bottle. Driving to the next town over for school. Then turning around and heading back to pick her up with the puppies in tow.

The puppies have really been enjoying the car rides at least. With no A/C in my vehicle, I’ve made sure to bring an ice pack, wrap it in a towel, and set it in their car seat. I also have a small fan that I plug in and turn on while we are sitting in line. (I get there about an hour before car pickup starts to be near the front of the line.) To prevent overheating. I should do that for myself as well. It went from freezing cold to sweltering hot here in the span of a week. Literally. There was hail on the ground during a rainstorm beginning of the week then the 80s two days later. Thank you Spring weather in the South!

So, for more throwback Thursday artwork! The first piece was pretty self-explanatory. I’ll just throw in a few other “fanart” pieces. Markiplier. Markiplier’s Dog Chica. Jacksepticeye.

And just so people don’t think I only do fanart of male celebrities. I also did a sketch of Studio Mucci. She’s pretty much like a living breathing version of Lisa Frank right now.

I included the original photo for reference. So yeah, back in the day … I used to draw fanart a ton. Sadly, these days I haven’t had a ton of motivation. I don’t watch Markiplier or Jacksepticeye that much anymore. My passion for video games has been low. I can’t seem to find anything that sparks my creativity anymore. Looking at old artwork does tend to get me fired up a bit.

Some part of me realizes that I used to be able to make things, so the ability is within me. I just have to find the motivation to do it again. Thanks for checking out my post today! I hope to have some new content soon. I swear. ❤

Unhappy Monkey

A tiny bit of throwback. I found some of my old art on Tumblr. I moved away from hosting my website on Tumblr due to the strict rules they started enforcing over there. Any art that might be considered lewd would get flagged and could get you banned. So actual porn artists moved away from the medium. And people like myself with casually “lewd” art did as well. I.E. If my drawing counted as risque, it got flagged. And it was WILD what Tumblr flagged.

Way, way, back in the day. When Fish in Bowl was the website I was hosting, the idea of daily webcomics was ripe in my mind. I loved to read: “The Devil’s Panties” by Jennie Breeden, “Roomies” by David Willis (It’s Walky!, Shortpacked!, Dumbing of Age), “Girls with Slingshots” by Danielle Corsetto, and too many other comics to even list. I read comic books and graphic novels and everything else I could get my hands on. I wanted to draw my own webcomic, but I really just have trouble keeping up with it.

Depression. Attention Issues. Mania. Attention Issues. Lack of inspiration. Or too many ideas.

I’ve always loved drawing tabletop things. And one of the other things that I really enjoyed doing was responsive artwork. I had a buddy back in the day, Dolores, who would sometimes draw a Monkey and I’d draw a little girl named Abby who would react to the monkey. And vice versa. Abby was supposed to be really cute, sweet, and chaotic. And Monkey was … well, a pet monkey. It was hilarious for whatever reason and a bit dark. I found a bunch of the mini-comics on my Tumblr so I thought I’d share them here.

These are the adventures of Unhappy Monkey and Abby:

This definitely isn’t a project that I’ll ever pick back up, but it was nostalgic just looking through each one again. I think it’s pretty decent considering a lot of these were done at the bar while we were hanging out with our friends. They were sloppily sketched in a notebook, then hand-inked and scanned. My proportioning for Abby was definitely off. I didn’t have a concrete style back then either. Still, it was fun and I miss this kind of casual collaborative work.

Thanks for stopping by and reading today! Hope you enjoyed Unhappy Monkey.