Let’s Learn Japanese

I’m still working on learning Japanese, but I’m not very great at picking it up. Probably because I’m learning by myself and not really doing much beyond reading some books about it. Hearing it and speaking it always has helped in the past when I took foreign language classes in high school and college. I need to start listening to a few audiobooks on learning Japanese. I just don’t spend that much time in the car to be able to do that. Maybe while I’m sitting at home cleaning…

This one book I picked out was for children, but I absolutely LOVE it.

Cacciapuoti has an interesting drawing style. I’d love to see what other books she has written and illustrated. I don’t want to share the entire book, but it just has a bunch of the basics that you need to learn for Japanese and I love how simple and easy it is to understand.

It starts out fairly easy, teaching you the basics of the written Japanese language. Something I think that’s very different from English.

Basically, the book goes over some really simple subjects such as a normal children’s book. Animals, body parts, family members, places, items in your home, etcetera. I’m not going to share the entire book, just some of the illustrations that I found really adorable.

The body part section was just too cute not to share. I also love the English font that was used for this book. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s too adorable. Maybe I’m just a bit kid at heart, but books like this make me a lot more excited to learn a new language rather than the normal adult how-to novels. Hopefully I’ll start picking things up better soon!

Thanks for stopping by. See you guys again tomorrow! We’ll be welcoming in the month of May!

Inktober52 – Week 17: DINO

Okay … so when I first laid eyes on this prompt, the first thing that came to my mind was a television show from long, LONG ago… Does anyone else remember the 1987 television show, Dinosaucers? Sometimes I wonder if some of the 80s television shows were thought up and written based on prompts or something. Because seriously, dinosaurs from space.

I loved this show. And I know so many people that are obsessed with Dinosaurs. Almost as much as I’m obsessed with owls. Anywho, please enjoy the doodle! It is a bit rough but I may expand on it later. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll see you guys tomorrow!


The babies had such a rough time after their vaccines. They felt awful and were very puny. One barfed. And we’re also giving them antibiotics for a bout of worms they had when they came to us. The first night after the vet visit was horrible. They cried themselves to sleep and I wept both from sympathy and frustration.

We’ve had some setbacks in potty training because the puppies have felt so bad. They sleep longer than normal and wake up ready to burst. So we’ve had a few more accidents. They’re a lot faster now though. My little Jett can keep up with our large Golden Doodle much to his chagrin. And they’re stubborn about going where they want to go. Little Jett has to be leashed at night and early mornings now to avoid losing her in the darkness.

I dread the thought of her bolting into the street or getting snatched up by an owl or a coyote.

Bask in their cuteness. Thank you for stopping by today. Apologies for not writing more. I’m so frazzled with these two and juggling my normal busy schedule. Puppies are like babies… that can move around a lot more than human babies. *SIGH* I’ll see you guys tomorrow!

I like Lollipops

Nothing too exciting for today. I went shopping after the Puppy’s vet appointment and hit the $1.25 Store. I needed a mat to put under their food dish because they slip around while they eat… and then I wanted my favorite DumDum Tropical lollipops. I got some more RockStar energy drinks for my SO and then … I hit the Easter leftover candy for my stepdaughter since she loves Peeps! For whatever reason.

I tried one of the Peep lollipops and decided to give them all to my stepdaughter. They taste exactly like a peep and I’m not sure that the sugary marshmallow taste is for me… Ew. Charm also had some tropical lollipops that were really good too. All the summer stuff is being stocked at the store right now so I suggest going to look at it before it gets snatched up off the shelf.

Plastic summer-themed cups, Hawaiian luaua-themed items such as leis, and other fun things. I didn’t see any coconut cups or pineapple-themed things that I would have liked, but there were still a lot of things not yet up on the shelves so I’ll probably go oogle another time. Do you like hitting up the Dollar Tree?

Be Kind to Your Janitor

Oh look, some art from when I was a janitor. Since my last post was about things I actually missed during my work period… I am actually almost liked being a janitor/maintenance worker. In general, the work wasn’t as horrible as it could have been, except when it was. Like the faculty in charge of the building not backing us up when students would purposefully make messes. I.E. a student would leave trash on the floor, dump ENTIRE cups of soda onto furniture, or pee on the floor for fun. I had just as many problems at the university I worked at as at the Elementary School.

I spent a lot of my free time at work doing art or taking photographs of things that interested me. Some things that were a pain … I had to buy a lot of my own supplies because the stuff that we were given just didn’t always cut it. LA’s Totally Awesome will take wax off a floor and just about anything stick like stickers slapped on surfaces.

Organizing was exhausting because I didn’t have the best spaces available. If you were in the older buildings, you didn’t get shiny new shelves to store things on. You had old wooden shelves barely held up in closets where you’d have to carefully shove your cleaning cart. I got things to hang my personally bought cleaning equipment and my label maker from home would help me keep things organized because oftentimes someone … would go into my closet and take things to use.

When I first started working at the university, I was in a newer building and I was so OCD about everything. I made sure to clean the classrooms meticulously each day so that the next day would be perfect. Clean boards, clean desks, clean floors…

Before I would clean … the rooms would look like this…


There was always something satisfying about making the place look spick and span. Sadly, it got to be a point that I was having meltdowns and panic attacks so badly that I’d lay down in my closet each night and cry so hard. Clean a four-floor building with classrooms, offices, labs, and over eight large bathrooms by yourself in 8 hours? Each day. It was never good enough. And I’m honestly not the type that can just leave their work at work. The passive-aggressive notes from professors who were upset their trash weren’t emptied began to kill my morale. (If I come by the clean your office at 10pm and you eat dinner there at 11pm, your smell food containers won’t get tossed.) I still have a hard time getting off the night schedule.

I really do miss my Tardis though…

I wasn’t the Companion, I was the Doctor

I’ve mostly talked about my time at the university cleaning, but I can say my time at the elementary school was very similar. Be nice to the people who clean up after you. The small things pile up and let me tell you, most places do not pay their staff enough to really care. Janitors are something most places take for granted.

Thanks for stopping by today! I just realized that I’ve got 300 posts up on the website. Well, 301 including today. 64 more days until it’s been a full year of doing this. Holy MOO~!

One Thing From Work I Miss

I have been so crazy with the puppies lately. These bundles of energy are taking up so much time and energy. I don’t regret getting them, just exhausted. I talked to my stepmom the other day about being a stay-at-home-mom/wife.

I have a lot of issues mentally and when I was a SAHW for my ex-husband used to guilt me for not pursuing a career or doing more with my life. I have had a lot of jobs in my life.

One thing I do miss about working is having some space. I’ve always loved having a desk I could personalize. Some jobs you can’t do that, but the ones that allowed it were pretty cool. Art as a hobby and not a career can be relaxing.

Here’s some very old examples from 2009 during my days in collections for Verizon/MCI/TTI:

It would get to the point where the glass between my 3 cubicle walls would be plastered with art. I would do illustrations facing my coworkers too. It was a high stress job that I ended up leaving despite my ability to collect high volumes. (Managed $500k one month!) Underpaid, unappreciated, and verbally abused by my managers was not worth it. But I do miss my desk and some of my coworkers…

This makes me want to share some more workspace photos in the future. Maybe tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!

DBT Stuff

When my therapist recommended DBT class to me many years ago, the class was in person at our Mental Health Facility. In the days before COVID happened. It was a small group of about 10 people, the doctor who lead the group, and an intern who participated and observed. Things shifted drastically after the pandemic. I believe I was blessed enough to be in the group for about 2 years before “graduating” from the class. I personally would love, love, LOVE for there to be a more advanced version of this DBT class.

Time is always an issue at this kind of mental health treatment place. Individual therapy sessions take up so much of the staff’s time and resources. I just honestly wish that I could have an environment with a mental health counselor to supervise us while a group of peers hones and build more DBT skills. Having a counselor and impartial third-party it helps keep us all on task. Sadly, that’s very unlikely to happen, but I’m still working on improving my own skills when I can and however I can.

One of these things includes working on making myself a better diary card. I’m waiting on folks in the DBT Discord to proofread and make sure there aren’t any spelling errors or typos, but I’ve made this combo diary card and cheatsheet all-in-one!

I’ve played a downloadable PDF version of it below. If there need to be any corrections, I’ll change the files. For personal individual usage, feel free to use it. Thanks so much for stopping by today!

EDIT: Lexi found 3 mistakes on the page! One grammar mix-up due to my word processor, one typo, and one row that had the text cut off. Thank you so much for stopping those!

Keto Cake?

This actually turned out amazing. I forgot to take a picture after I was done, but I loved it. I didn’t buy the icing, I made my own and wasn’t impressed. The keto powdered sugar was way too sweet. I think instead of using that and butter to make a keto buttercream, next time I’ll try some whipping cream and sugar-free pudding mix to make a creamier and less heavy icing.

The keto mix was really good. It didn’t stay in one piece. I sprayed the heck out of my pan and it still stuck. So I’m not sure what I need to do next time to fix that. It ended up tasting so good even my step-daughter wanted to eat two slices of it. It doesn’t make a ton of cake though. One 9-inch cake round was all we got. And the mix is more expensive than a normal cake mix. But it did turn out better than some of the scratch keto recipes I’ve seen online.

Plain sugar-free whipped cream on top would have been just as good for topping as well. I was pleased with how soft the keto cake turned out. It was moist and felt like cake in my mouth. Most of these keto things normally turn out grainy and feel wrong in my mouth. It’s definitely worth it. I might have to get a few of these and make one for my SO for our trip in June. That way he can have something sweet while we’re out of town for a karate seminar.

Eating out while on the keto diet is SO hard. Unless you’re going to an expensive sit-down restaurant. Even then, the carb-free choices are still pretty hard to come by. There’s always a potato or some sort of bread being shoved down your throat. I love carbs… That’s probably why I’m having so many issues dieting right now. But anywho! Do you have any good recipes for this kind of box cake mix?

Inktober52 – Week 15: CAMO

I had a hard time trying to think of what to draw for this one. I didn’t want to do something typical, but everything I thought about was just not something I could bring myself to do. I ended up doing something somewhat simple and cute. Pascal from Tangled! I really loved the hide-and-seek scene from that movie.

I probably should have worked on the background like the ledge and such, but my tablet pen’s nub died on me. Urgh. It finally broke off! I’m so sad. I’m going to order a spare stylus and some of the nubs to go with it eventually when I’ve got the funds. It’s on my wishlist. Until then, I’m just going to try and fumble my way through things.

Isn’t he cute? Anywho, thanks for stopping by today~!