Josee, the Tiger and the Fish

Referenced straight from Wikipedia: Josee, the Tiger and the Fish (ジョゼと虎と魚たち, Joze to Tora to Sakanatachi) is a 1984 Japanese short story by author Seiko Tanabe. It was first published in the June 1984 issue of Monthly Kadokawa. It was later included alongside various stories in the short story collection Josee, the Tiger and theContinue reading “Josee, the Tiger and the Fish”

Vampire in the Garden

Want 5 episodes of anime that will rip your heart out? Go watch Vampire in the Garden. The storyline is heavy-handed, fast-moving, but fantastic. Vampires versus Warms. Aka Humans. It’s a “modern” day setting, which is really cool. You can find it on Netflix right now. I really like Fine and Momo. There’s not aContinue reading “Vampire in the Garden”

Tom Holland’s Spiderman

♫♪ Spider-Man, Spider-Man,Does whatever a spider canSpins a web, any size,Catches thieves just like fliesLook Out!Here comes the Spider-Man. Is he strong?Listen bud,He’s got radioactive blood.Can he swing from a thread?Take a look overheadHey, thereThere goes the Spider-Man. In the chill of nightAt the scene of a crimeLike a streak of lightHe arrives just inContinue reading “Tom Holland’s Spiderman”

Revenge of the 5th

Another Star Wars Day? Not officially, but here’s some info about the day. “Peace is a lie. There is only Passion. Through Passion, I gain Strength. Through Strength, I gain Power. Through Power, I gain Victory. Through Victory my chains are Broken. The Force shall free me.” The Code of the Sith As obsessed withContinue reading “Revenge of the 5th”

May the 4th Be With You – Star Wars Day

I don’t remember exactly when it was that I fell in love with Star Wars. I just remember that I had to stay home from school sick one day. One of those actual sick days, where you can’t enjoy yourself as a child, because your misery outweighs the joy of skipping school. I think itContinue reading “May the 4th Be With You – Star Wars Day”

Munching and Crunching on Anime

Urgh, I’m honestly considering getting a Crunchyroll subscription soon. Funimation was acquired by Crunchyroll, which is owned by Sony. Unless one of my other streaming services will include some of the Crunchyroll stuff… HBO Max, Hulu, or Netflix maybe? We won’t even talk about how many streaming services looks like the old cable services. NotContinue reading “Munching and Crunching on Anime”