The Girl and the Geek

I power marathoned through this one. It’s about 95 chapters with the extra epilogue story bits. This is a cute little romance, comedy, slice-of-life manga. This is definitely the kind of story that I’d love to have turned into a show or movie. It doesn’t go on for too long and the characters are… well,Continue reading “The Girl and the Geek”

Shenmue the Animation

This one is on Crunchyroll and Adult Swim. Shenmue is a Japanese anime television series animated by Telecom Animation Film based on the Shenmue video game series by Yu Suzuki and published by Sega. So we’re talking about… 1999 video game. The first two episodes are out right now, but I’ve only seen the first since it’s behind a Crunchyroll Premium wall. Crunchyroll hasContinue reading “Shenmue the Animation”

Demon Slayer Fanart

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Entertainment District Arc) had a great episode today that just stole my attention. The Mugen Train Arc left me heartbroken, but this arc has me really excited. We finally get to see Nezuko Kamado, the deuteragonist and main female character of the series, grow into her abilities. She finally gotContinue reading “Demon Slayer Fanart”

Eating Anime Food – Japanese Curry

I’m pretty sure that the photo I used for the top of the post is beef curry, but I actually made chicken curry! My stepdaughter has been obsessed with Japan and Japanese things for a while now. Not so much for the karate aspect as much as watching anime, playing Pokemon, and being a GhibliContinue reading “Eating Anime Food – Japanese Curry”

Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop

This slice-of-life romantic comedy-drama is pretty much everything I needed for a feel-good animation. It’s currently on Netflix. I definitely recommend it! Awkward teenagers, nostalgia and the ever-changing world around them. I have … two vinyl albums that I got a long time ago when I was looking through a music shop in Atlanta rightContinue reading “Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop”