Enchanted by Encanto

Sewing and embroidery were big skills of Mirabel’s from Encanto. I absolutely LOVED that movie. My SO has teased me that I’ve been obsessed with this movie even more than Moana. Honestly, my “favorite” Disney movie is always changing depending on my mood. But Mulan, Lilo and Stitch, Moana, and Encanto are absolutely in myContinue reading “Enchanted by Encanto”

Inktober52 – Week 20: SHIP

Today, Week 21’s prompt should be posted, so I won’t be too far behind with these drawing prompts. I love that ship is this week’s prompt. It seems like Ocean, Sea, and Pirates are a big theme this year. That totally doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with the Johnny Depp stuff or Disney wanting toContinue reading “Inktober52 – Week 20: SHIP”

Shopping Spree … Fairly Affordable

I went to the actual Walmart so the price was a bit different, but I had to finally do this! I’ve been reading and some part of me needed something to do. Buying a kit makes life easier because it has everything you need. Eventually, you might like to do your own pattern so you’llContinue reading “Shopping Spree … Fairly Affordable”