Inktober52 – Week 14: EYE

Another Inktober 52 prompt! I’m surprised how well this has been going. I don’t really have much to say about this one. I saw the prompt and knew exactly what I wanted to draw this time. Old testament angels are described as interlocking wheels and covered in eyes. So … enjoy this one. Thanks forContinue reading “Inktober52 – Week 14: EYE”

Tea Puns Forever!

“Where there’s tea there’s hope.” — Arthur Wing Pinero This isn’t an original pun. Let’s be honest. I’ve seen some people do this with two Boba teacups. I just really thought it would be cute to have two tea bags hanging together. I’m going to keep going with these drawing puns. I’m such a tea person instead ofContinue reading “Tea Puns Forever!”

Inktober 52 – Week 13: BOTTLE

Okay! Here we go! Yet another Inktober 52 drawing prompt completed! That makes 13 weeks of sketches done. 1/4th of the year has been completed. I can’t help feeling just a tiny bit proud right now, guys! After going for so long without any inspiration to create or draw after my Dad’s death, I’ve finallyContinue reading “Inktober 52 – Week 13: BOTTLE”

Inktober 52: Week 11 – LUSH

Lushy Lushes love to lush… Okay. So I’ve been doing so much Guild Wars 2 that I could NOT think about the plant people when the word lush came up as a prompt last week. So why not draw a lush Sylvari that loves to be lush? Sylvari – a luxuriant vegetation race from GuildContinue reading “Inktober 52: Week 11 – LUSH”