Saint Patrick’s Day … and a Full Moon

How do you Keto when the Irish holiday is about potatoes? My MIL made some amazing food for Saint Patrick’s Day yesterday. We had corned beef, and instead of potatoes, she made radishes with cabbage and carrots. Then coleslaw for extra cabbage. Everything tasted amazing and we even took a plate to our Isshin RyuContinue reading “Saint Patrick’s Day … and a Full Moon”

Prep Day – Built in Cope Ahead

I woke up this morning after staying up a bit late and ended up having myself a pack of the “instant” udon noodles. Shrimp flavor. These noodles are so nice and easy. It takes like 2 minutes to cook. I usually do my own instructions though. I add the powder to the water once itContinue reading “Prep Day – Built in Cope Ahead”