Testing Out the New Phone’s Camera

After having the same old phone since 2018, I mentioned upgrading. It actually has a “food” setting on the camera. Which is pretty neat. I have wanted to do more food photography, but I’ve been lazy about creating a backdrop and lighting station for it. From what I can tell, the “food” setting is justContinue reading “Testing Out the New Phone’s Camera”

Egg-cellent Meal Planning

On Superbowl Sunday, I made some eggs for my SIL because she’s currently recovering from major surgery. This one is keto-friendly and was super easy! Egg “Muffins” or “Pucks” Eggs, lots and lots of eggs, about one for each cupcake hole Ham, Bacon, Chicken, or whatever meat substitute you like with eggs Vegetables! I didContinue reading “Egg-cellent Meal Planning”

Keto “Scalloped Potatoes”

It’s zucchini and squash. Someone said it looked like Ratatouille, but the sauce is what makes it like scalloped potatoes. It’s a really simple recipe that my MIL just jotted down from the internet, but thankfully I’ve been trying to decipher her recipes into something more coherent lately. Typing it up also makes it easierContinue reading “Keto “Scalloped Potatoes””