International No Diet Day

My SO won’t be breaking his diet today, because he’s been doing so well with Keto. 20 pounds down! I’m so proud of him. I’ll probably try to make something for him today. Something that actually fits his diet. I’m not doing great on my diet, sadly. But it’s International No Diet Day! So let’sContinue reading “International No Diet Day”

Swimsuit Season

The last time I went swimming, like actually actively swimming, was probably in 2019 before all of the COVID stuff happened. My tiny stepdaughter loves to swim and we would go to the local state park’s pool every chance we could get. My cheap Walmart swimsuit was not very good and as you can seeContinue reading “Swimsuit Season”

Keto? Chaffles to the Rescue

My family, except myself and my stepdaughter, are eating keto. I’m doing caloric restrictions via fasting. I’m almost back to my pre-COVID weight~! One of the things we’ve been working on is finding keto-friendly foods to replace some of the things everyone is craving. Keto food is pretty decent for me as well, because IContinue reading “Keto? Chaffles to the Rescue”