Prep Day – Built in Cope Ahead

I woke up this morning after staying up a bit late and ended up having myself a pack of the “instant” udon noodles. Shrimp flavor. These noodles are so nice and easy. It takes like 2 minutes to cook. I usually do my own instructions though. I add the powder to the water once itContinue reading “Prep Day – Built in Cope Ahead”

Self-Care and Practicing DBT

DBT Tools is one of my favorite websites when I need to reconnect with my DBT skills. I’ll admit, I haven’t really done any structured DBT work in a few months. I’m not sure if I can feel it. I had to do some self-reflection for this post to contemplate whether or not it wasContinue reading “Self-Care and Practicing DBT”

Happy Birthday to my Dad in Heaven

I added a bunch of music to my cellphone recently and was playing through it while driving. And my Dad’s custom ringtone popped up as a song and it nearly killed me. I pulled over and bawled like a baby. I’m making it through this month without any therapy. Normal grief is a bit hardContinue reading “Happy Birthday to my Dad in Heaven”

Realistic Resolutions

I took the owl doodles and threw them into my “resolution” list. I wasn’t planning to make a list, but during my therapy session, my therapist urged me to at least pick a few things to work towards this year. After a bit of contemplation, I think the above is a decent amount of goalsContinue reading “Realistic Resolutions”