Project You

This is one of the e-books that I got from the Libby Library app online. The book claims that you’ll find activities, exercises, crafts, and recipes to help you calm your anxieties, overcome that overwhelmed feeling, find inspiration, take control of nerves, feel confident, accomplish your goals, burst into laughter, and generally feel great. WhileContinue reading “Project You”

Prep Day – Built in Cope Ahead

I woke up this morning after staying up a bit late and ended up having myself a pack of the “instant” udon noodles. Shrimp flavor. These noodles are so nice and easy. It takes like 2 minutes to cook. I usually do my own instructions though. I add the powder to the water once itContinue reading “Prep Day – Built in Cope Ahead”

Self-Care and Practicing DBT

DBT Tools is one of my favorite websites when I need to reconnect with my DBT skills. I’ll admit, I haven’t really done any structured DBT work in a few months. I’m not sure if I can feel it. I had to do some self-reflection for this post to contemplate whether or not it wasContinue reading “Self-Care and Practicing DBT”

Happy Birthday to my Dad in Heaven

I added a bunch of music to my cellphone recently and was playing through it while driving. And my Dad’s custom ringtone popped up as a song and it nearly killed me. I pulled over and bawled like a baby. I’m making it through this month without any therapy. Normal grief is a bit hardContinue reading “Happy Birthday to my Dad in Heaven”