Realistic Resolutions

I took the owl doodles and threw them into my “resolution” list. I wasn’t planning to make a list, but during my therapy session, my therapist urged me to at least pick a few things to work towards this year. After a bit of contemplation, I think the above is a decent amount of goalsContinue reading “Realistic Resolutions”

Finch: Self Care Widget Pet

For the longest time, I’ve had Daylio as the application that was “supposed” to track my moods. I bought the app when it was very new and cost very little to get the Premium version (It’s still only a few bucks, but you know…). I just honestly haven’t been able to use it regularly. I’llContinue reading “Finch: Self Care Widget Pet”

Decluttering and Cleaning

I can’t show pictures of the room. I’m too ashamed of exactly how crazy my room looks right now. I’ve got everything that’s not in storage crammed into our small little bedroom. We have two desks, a desk with a television on it, a queen-sized bed, and a ton of shelves. How exactly do youContinue reading “Decluttering and Cleaning”

CHAOS and the Weekend

So what did you do this weekend? The cats keep jumping up on the buffet where the television is located. That’s not a great location for them so we’ve been trying to cajole them into moving to a better spot. New cat beds were one attempt. Now we’ve got a new cat tree. It isContinue reading “CHAOS and the Weekend”

Tell Me Something About Buddhism

Found another gem at the library! It’s almost time for it to be returned so I thought I’d take some photographs of the artwork and give a bit of a review. I really liked this one. It’s short, simple, and to the point. The name pretty much summed it up. Questions and Answers for theContinue reading “Tell Me Something About Buddhism”