Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Expansion

The content went live and I have been struggling in the new zone. I’m totally out of practice and clueless about what I am doing! It’s horrible and wonderful all at the same time. It’s beautiful at least. I loathed the mechanics that they implemented for the storyline to get to the new zone. IContinue reading “Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Expansion”

Video Games – GW2 and ESO

My SO and I have been playing Guild Wars 2 for a really long time now. And the new expansion is actually finally something storyline-wise that we are both interested in. We’re finally going to a zone that we’ve been dreaming of for ages! Cantha! It’s the Asian area of Tamriel. A friend wanted toContinue reading “Video Games – GW2 and ESO”

Testing Out the New Phone’s Camera

After having the same old phone since 2018, I mentioned upgrading. It actually has a “food” setting on the camera. Which is pretty neat. I have wanted to do more food photography, but I’ve been lazy about creating a backdrop and lighting station for it. From what I can tell, the “food” setting is justContinue reading “Testing Out the New Phone’s Camera”

The Girl and the Geek

I power marathoned through this one. It’s about 95 chapters with the extra epilogue story bits. This is a cute little romance, comedy, slice-of-life manga. This is definitely the kind of story that I’d love to have turned into a show or movie. It doesn’t go on for too long and the characters are… well,Continue reading “The Girl and the Geek”

Happy Birthday to my Dad in Heaven

I added a bunch of music to my cellphone recently and was playing through it while driving. And my Dad’s custom ringtone popped up as a song and it nearly killed me. I pulled over and bawled like a baby. I’m making it through this month without any therapy. Normal grief is a bit hardContinue reading “Happy Birthday to my Dad in Heaven”

You Spin Me Round Right Round

Excuse the blur. It was still moving a bit. My stepdaughter got a subscription for a Christmas present. One of those STEM things? Last month’s project was this paint spinner. This month’s hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s like a bubble lamp/lava lamp type thing. SO today was all about assembling this thing. You use theContinue reading “You Spin Me Round Right Round”