Happy Birthday to my Big Sissy!

June 18th is my big sister’s birthday~! I absolutely love her and wanted to take today to promote her! She’s an amazing older sister, mother (to 3 fantastic, brilliant girls), and an actress. In case you cannot tell, we aren’t related by blood. I was adopted as a child. Family is definitely a bond created!Continue reading “Happy Birthday to my Big Sissy!”

June and Surviving It

For whatever reason, summer has always been really hard for me. I always have mixed episodes. For someone with Bipolar Disorder, that means you experience Mania and Depression symptoms. Manic Symptoms The following are symptoms commonly associated with bipolar disorder manic episodes. Euphoric or elated mood Grandiosity or overinflated self-esteem Irritability Rapid, excessive, or pressuredContinue reading “June and Surviving It”