Decluttering and Cleaning

I can’t show pictures of the room. I’m too ashamed of exactly how crazy my room looks right now. I’ve got everything that’s not in storage crammed into our small little bedroom. We have two desks, a desk with a television on it, a queen-sized bed, and a ton of shelves. How exactly do youContinue reading “Decluttering and Cleaning”

Thanksgiving Preparation

Thanksgiving this year has involved a ton of cleaning since we’re hosting people outside the family. We had changed the living around a ton too so there was a ton of clearing out and sending to Goodwill. Good bye, cheap plywood television stand. Hello, solid wood buffet. Holds a lot of our video game piecesContinue reading “Thanksgiving Preparation”

Work Experience: The Elementary School

I started to rethink my previous jobs and the post became a long ramble that was not very interesting. It also let me fall too deeply into bad mental health brain by dwelling on my past mistakes. So I’ll have to tackle that post another time. Both for interests sake as well as sorting outContinue reading “Work Experience: The Elementary School”