Inktober 2021 Day 28: CRISPY

Can you tell that I’m a fan of Howl’s Moving Castle? It’s one of my favorite movies. And definitely one of my favorite books. Right after Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. Pretty close second because I reread the Trilogy by Diana Wynne Jones often. Calcifer is one of my favorite characters too. Please don’t burn the bacon,Continue reading “Inktober 2021 Day 28: CRISPY”

Inktober 2021 Day 27: SPARK

She likes my SPARK~! I love the Moving Castle trilogy by Diana Wynne Jones. Not sure how many times I’ve said that, but I’ll always say it again and again. Miyazaki did amazing turning the book into a movie. I have a little Calcifer plushie and I have Sophie’s dress from Hot Topic. It’s reallyContinue reading “Inktober 2021 Day 27: SPARK”

Inktober 2021 Day 26: CONNECT

I was torn on doing this one for COLLIDE, but it fits more with CONNECT. Ponyo and Sosuke connected to one another throughout the movie. The end scene where he kisses the bubble she’s in was an adorable moment. They literally connect, but they were connected already? I don’t know. It’s really late right nowContinue reading “Inktober 2021 Day 26: CONNECT”

Inktober 2021 Day 25: SPLAT

Evil be gone! The moment when Chihiro stomps down on the slug was amazing. Still got that Studio Ghibli theme going for the Inktober. Not 100%, but I’ve been trying really hard to sprinkle the drawings in there amongst the prompts when possible. This one was an easy choice. This was actually one of theContinue reading “Inktober 2021 Day 25: SPLAT”

Inktober 2021 Day 17: COLLIDE

When two fists collide! Or is the fight the collision? Not much to say. Having weird brain today. Up all night. Chewed my nails to the point it hurt and picking at my skin. Brain is definitely on edge. Probably the massive room cleaning project I started last week causing me stress. Urgh. Ot something.Continue reading “Inktober 2021 Day 17: COLLIDE”

Inktober 2021 Day 1: CRYSTAL

Since my step daughter isn’t here for every day of the month of October, I started working on Inktober with her in September. Also, one drawing a day can be rough for a 9-year-old so we are trying to space the project out a bit for her. The first drawing was a bit rough onContinue reading “Inktober 2021 Day 1: CRYSTAL”

Drawing on Repeat

Yesterday’s post was written frantically. I did it as I do most things, by the seat of my pants, just pulling from the deepest recesses of my insane mind. I did some writing in the past for my LARP (live action roleplaying). Most notably, I wrote the background for the Great Library setting. It’s myContinue reading “Drawing on Repeat”