TESO – PvP Fun Time Edition

Important Things I Always Forget to Remind Myself

  • DAILY REMINDER: Up your riding skill. You can only do this once a day, so remembering to do it on each character in game is very important. You’re SO slow without it.
  • Food Check! Do you have your food active on your character? It makes a difference.
  • Check your Supplies: Siege is important. I like to make sure I have my favorite Ballista, Door Repair Kit, and Flaming Oils at bare minimum. Keep recall stones are good to get if you have enough Alliance Points. Once you level up you can think about camps.

I’m sure there’s quite a bit more than I have forgotten, but those are some of the things that just come to mind right now. I tend to get scatterbrained. And I definitely am NOT an expert at PvP. I’m not even a novice, honestly. I’ve just really gotten into playing Cyrodiil lately.

It started out with a desire to get some items for my housing. You can get catapults and ballista for your in-game housing depending on your Alliance Point levels. I joined a random guild for the PvP because zerging would help gain points faster. I didn’t stick with that guild in the end, but it was a good place to learn how to start.

Zerg is a slang term for a group of low-level gamers who depend on overwhelming numbers to achieve victory, rather than relying on technique or strategy. The term is most often used in the context of online role-playing and strategy games, but it also applies to multiplayer first-person shooters.

I wouldn’t really say low-level fits for TESO zergs, but that’s a matter of opinion. There’s something similar to zergs that is a horse of a different color. Those are called “Ball groups” which just reference a group of players sticking very tightly together moving as a single unit. They call them ball groups because it looks a lot like a ball rolling across the battlefield. These groups are smaller than a zerg and are usually players who are used to working together. They have similar builds or at the very least, builds that complement each others’ skills and needs.

I currently play for the Ebonheart Pact, which is the group indicated with the color RED. We tend to call the Aldmeri Dominion, bananas (Yellow), and the Daggerfall Covenant is called blueberries (Blue). I guess if we’re all fruit, that means we’re cherries? The Bananas and the Blueberries are going to pop some EP Cherries?

A friend actually shared a really fun Warden build with me that I had placed on my only Warden, Vaalharts. She was an AD character though and not many of my friend group have Yellow characters so my SO helped me level up another character specifically so I could copy and paste the build onto this new character. I wanted to still be able to hop on an AD character for when I want a break from dying as an EP. Sadly farming daily quests on AD side has been easier for me.

I tend to play Alula, my first/main character since she’s a higher level and usually the character I use for completing things. She’s also my crafter. But I’ve wanted to branch out a bit more lately. The Warden is a lot of fun to run around on, even if her riding skills are low and that makes her slow. I’m going to try a Magic Nightblade too. But I’ve not been able to get her build put together yet.

I think that’s the hardest part of everything. Making sure I have the right build then gear and putting everything together into the right place on my skill bar. It feels so broken when you don’t have it done or have the skills leveled to the point you need them. I know for most people, that’s the fun part, but I honestly just like the end results. I want to have everything prepared so I can just run around and enjoy myself with my friends.

Hope today’s post wasn’t too nerdy for most of you. I haven’t really had a lot of brainpower to do any DBT or Mental Health Awareness posts. I know I should tackle that soon. Until next time though. If anyone plays TESO, hit me up in the comments! I’d love to play with you~!

Published by Erin Seto

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