Proud to Be An American

When you become an American citizen, you get a “letter” from the President. Wow. To realize that I became a citizen when Ronald Reagan was in office is just amazing. I shared this image back in the day when my mom first send me a box of my things. It’s still really interesting to reread it. I almost want to compare the letters the other former presidents sent out like Carter, Bush, Clinton, and Obama. I actually read the one when Trump was in office and it was decent.

So last year, my mom sent me a lot of my things that were still at her house. Baby book, photographs, and paperwork from my adoption. I wasn’t born in the United States. I’m actually originally from the Philippine Islands, but I have been raised my entire life as an American. I don’t know Tagalog. I grew up in south Georgia so I’m about as white as mayonnaise.

Haha, look at me. I was such a cute baby. Whatever happened? Just kidding. Maybe. If my SO and I ever are able to conceive a child, I at least know that they are going to be adorable. My stepdaughter was so cute as a youngster! ❤️❤️❤️

I don’t really even know who these children are. My mom didn’t give me much context. It’s a bit sad when you realize that information can be lost to time so easily. It probably does not help that we’re half a world away so looking up information can be really difficult. I was attempting to get records from someone in Olongapo City, but I felt a bit uncomfortable handing over the number of IDs necessary.

I might have siblings. I might have lots of cousins. I don’t really know either way. It won’t be the end of the world not knowing, but some part of me is really curious. I’ve tried to reach out to someone on Facebook who might be related to my birth mother, but I never did get a reply.

My birth mother was Ma. Elena. B. Aniel. She was born in Pandacan, Manila. My grandfather was named Feliciano Aniel and he passed away from a heart attack in 1975. My grandmother was Mila Bahian Aniel. There wasn’t any information about my birth father. Their last name has probably changed since it’s likely they could have remarried.

I don’t really have any other leads and there are so many things hindering me from investigating this further. Maybe one day I can take a trip to the Philippines? International travel really hasn’t been on my mind lately. I need to get my passport renewed so that I can fly anywhere. (Even here within the USA, due to the new TSA laws.) I haven’t left the USA since my parents moved back. Unless you count the Bahamas on a cruise in high school.

I’m not sure if this was something that folks would find interesting. Anyone else adopted? Have you experienced looking for your birth family? Or has anyone become an American citizen? I can’t imagine going through the process as an adult.

As always, thanks for reading, folks. I’ll catch you tomorrow~!

Published by Erin Seto

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