Eating Anime Food – Japanese Curry

I’m pretty sure that the photo I used for the top of the post is beef curry, but I actually made chicken curry! My stepdaughter has been obsessed with Japan and Japanese things for a while now. Not so much for the karate aspect as much as watching anime, playing Pokemon, and being a Ghibli lover like the rest of us.

I let her Gran know about the latest obsession, which was her request to try Japanese-style curry. Luckily her Gran picked one of the most common and popular curry roux mixes on the market/Amazon. You can find it on Amazon here. Five packs for about $21 is a decent price. As someone that’s made different types of curry, Indian, Thai, and Japanese, I can attest that making the roux from scratch is sometimes just a pain in the arse. If you want to tackle that, I suggest checking out my usual go-to blog, Just One Cook Book. It’s not overly complicated, I just really want something easy. When you’re juggling a ton of other things.

Dice up two medium onions into bite-sized pieces. I don’t go too small or long because I know it’ll cook down tender.

The curry box and the recipe (I watched a video on Youtube) I was using said to use 2 medium potatoes. I used a few Yukon golden potatoes. I left the skin on.

It said one carrot. I used a couple of baby carrots cut into bite-sized hunks.

The recipe and the curry box said to use chicken thighs, but I used some canned chicken breast. That we canned ourselves at home. The chicken was fully cooked so I didn’t need to worry about cooking it.

This is the curry roux I used. It was so good!

You cook the onions, carrots, and potatoes in a pan with some oil until browned. Since the chicken was already cooked, I didn’t need to add that. If you use raw chicken, you should cook the chicken all the way through.

I had to change pots when I realized it would be too full after adding the liquid. I added the canned chicken which has a little broth in it. Then I added the required 5 cups of water. (The broth made it a bit more liquidy, but I cooked this longer so it ended up simmering down.)

After it starts boiling…

Add the curry roux mix. Each box has two plastic containers like this. You break the mix up into individual pieces and add it to the boiling mixture.

Stir it up and make sure that none of it clumps.

I didn’t even get a chance to snap a photo of the curry once the roux has dissolved in. My SO was chomping at the bit to get a bowl for lunch. It turned out really good! Everyone loved it. Even those who were skeptical of “Japanese” curry. My stepdaughter had two bowls and has requested some goes in her lunchbox. (EDIT: I have to add, she had it twice after we had it as a meal. Her lunchbox came back empty both times.)

Yeah, technically this post was written in early December when the kiddos were still going to school. At this point, I should be traveling from one side of the state to another! I figured this one would make good filler for a while I am out of town for the holidays. I hope you guys enjoyed it. This is a really delicious and easy meal to prepare. I would definitely recommend it.

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