My stepdaughter and I hit the ground running this morning. We went into town (about an hour away) and picked up some of my medications from the big pharmacy I use. They let me know I was out of refills for my insulin (which is annoying because I -just- requested a round of refills on my meds). So we ended up going back later in the day.

Afterward, we headed to the art museum to see the exhibit that wasn’t fully put up during our last visit. I’ll actually do a separate post for that itself. It was a beautiful collection of work and I really enjoyed it. For such a small art museum, they’ve got some really interesting collections that rotate in and out. Three floors seem small to me after living close to the High Museum in Atlanta.

We went to get sushi after the art museum. Got there a bit early so ended up sketching for a bit. I had intended to stop by the hobby shop to look around, but my stepdaughter used sarcasm and I decided that wasn’t going to be our new normal. I.E. “Why would you drag us in there, that’s such TORTURE.” I was like okay, fine, I won’t. I don’t know how some parents feel, but she’s definitely too young to start the heavy sarcasm. I already want to yank on her ear every time I get the eye roll from her.

I thought the sushi and Japanese food were AMAZING. But my stepdaughter ended up puking later in the afternoon. So my inlaws have put a ban on feeding her anything raw. Since I ate absolutely EVERYTHING that she also ate, I don’t believe it was food poisoning. And I say that sincerely because the slightest thing usually makes me ill. I have the constitution of a wet noodle.

She didn’t get sick until an hour or two after we got home though. After lunch, we went to the Asian grocery store to pick up some of my stepdaughter’s favorite udon. I’ll have to take a photograph of the packaging later. Got some other fun goodies too! I actually wonder if the mochi my stepdaughter ate could have made her belly upset. She had a strawberry one and I picked out a green tea one. We ate those since we were too stuffed after lunch to have dessert.

My stepdaughter got Ramune and Pocky. Some of her favorite. I got myself strawberry milk. Some more tapioca pearls and I finally found the boba straws! The red bean White Rabbit candy is odd but interesting. Not very sweet. Kind of hard. But has a satisfying taste. I mostly picked it up to try all the different White Rabbit candies. I’ve been keeping a few pieces on me for when my blood sugar drops drastically.

The last bit of the day felt like it took forever. Grabbing my insulin from the pharmacy. Picking up cat food at the Walmart. My stepdaughter was so tired at that point that I just literally dumped her into a cart and wheeled her through the store. Topped off my gas tank. (GUH. $4.19 is killer even when your tank is at 3/4 full.) Then home.

My stepdaughter puked when we got home. Got her cleaned up and settled down then I crashed hard for a midafternoon nap. How are you guys doing with the drastic rise in gasoline prices? Do you try to roll all your trips into one go? Since all the stops today were in another town, we tried to make the most of things. Hope I didn’t banter too much. Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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