Saint Patrick’s Day … and a Full Moon

How do you Keto when the Irish holiday is about potatoes?

My MIL made some amazing food for Saint Patrick’s Day yesterday. We had corned beef, and instead of potatoes, she made radishes with cabbage and carrots. Then coleslaw for extra cabbage. Everything tasted amazing and we even took a plate to our Isshin Ryu sensei. I don’t celebrate Saint Patty’s Day because the only thing Irish about me is my name. But it was fun explaining to my stepdaughter what it meant. We won’t go into how she thought the Irish and the Scottish weren’t different. (10-year-olds think up the funniest theories on their own.)

My SO and I don’t drink right now. I abstain except for special occasions because of medications and depression. Hopefully, no one had to have a horrible hangover today. Last night, I thought was the full moon, but I noticed the calendar said it will be tonight. So I might go out and admire it some. There’s always something about the full moon that makes me feel invigorated. And we’re currently in that time period where it’s nice temperatures in the evening. You could probably walk around without a hoodie if you wanted, but I like having one. (It’s “kill you hot” midday though. Urgh.)

Today was an emotional day. We went down to the storage unit and looked into what is inside it. It’s been years since everything was loaded up there. We live with my Inlaws right now and help out. I used to have a four-bedroom house with my ex-husband. I parred down my belongings, moved across the country, and put everything in a storage unit during the divorce. Then I moved down to be with my current SO. We lived in our cramped apartment until we moved in with the Inlaws. Or roommate situation wasn’t the best at the time so everything went into storage AGAIN.

Now we’re trying to par down the storage unit to get rid of it. And store whatever I want to keep in the basement. I know I’ll need to pull a Maria Kondo and decide what actually brings me joy. It’s healthy, but also still really upsetting. I’ve been homeless and lived out of my car for long periods of time. I suppose this is something I need to cover with my therapist next time I have an appointment. I don’t really have a clue what DBT skills to use for this situation.

Sorry for the ramble. Thanks for stopping by today, guys!

Published by Erin Seto

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