Hoppy Easter

I miss Velveteen so much. There’s no bunny in this world or any other animal that will replace her in my heart. She was an absolute sweetheart. This time of year, I also worry about all the bunnies that will be bought as “Easter” presents. Rabbits are not good as surprise presents. They are a long commitment like dogs and cats. The average rabbit can live ten years. I won’t go into a rant about why people should educate themselves before getting rabbits as pets. They are great pets after all! You just need a bit of knowledge when taking care of one.

Personally, we’re also going through a learning curve of our own right now!

As I mentioned before… puppies. Well, the day before Easter, the puppies were supposed to come for a “visit” so that my stepdaughter could pick out her puppy. Let me tell you, having seven puppies running around in the backyard was amazing and a bit overwhelming. My stepdaughter picked the first one that had run to her in the beginning. We loved all of them though. I loved the runt, but I’d already set my heart on a black one in the very beginning. And the other little black puppy had been claimed by a neighbor.

Our Goldie Doodle accidentally stepped on one of the puppy’s feet playing. You should have seen it. EVERY PUPPY started crying and running away after the first one yelped. The baby was fine. He just got his foot stomped a bit. We are very careful with letting him and the cats interact with the new babies.

Say hello to our new family members. After much debate, my stepdaughter named her puppy: “Mildred” or “Millie” for short. And my little girl is named “Bridget” and will be known as “Jet” for short.

Millie and Jet

I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t realize how much work puppies are. Constantly taking them outside and making sure they use the bathroom outside. Only two accidents so far. Once this morning there was a #2 in the crate. And once last night someone pottied, but they’d gone outside right before so I think they just needed to be left out there longer.

We tried to give them some puppy milk substitute, but at this point, there are fully eating soft puppy food. So that’s actually a godsend. They turned their noses up at the bottle and didn’t like the food mixed with the milk. Still juggling how much to feed them and when and let them go outside. Today I ended up taking an impromptu nap with them. One woke up with shivers and I ended up laying her on my chest to make her fall back asleep.

I’m absolutely madly in love with them! But also exhausted. I can’t wait for my stepdaughter to come back from her mom’s house so she can help me with these bundles of joy. Thanks for stopping by today! Expect more pictures and videos of puppy development in the near future.

Published by Erin Seto

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